Bible Repair & Book Restoration

Thank you for your interest in Artur Bookbinding International Bible and Book Repair Center. We specialize in the repair and restoration of Bibles and rare books. Employing the use of the Old European Tradition of hand bindery, we provide our clients with no less than the best in quality and craftsmanship, as we have for over 50 years in the bookbinding craft.

We offer a customized experience for each and every project in order to best meet your personal bookbinding needs. Our master craftsmen will personally assess each and every volume and request for service before discussing your options. We offer a variety of solutions to your specific bookbinding needs in order to best accommodate your budget and to provide you with the end product you deserve. We handle each project with the same special care and attention we would our own.

There are many bookbinding companies offering restoration and repair services. We have had many clients bring us work after having their Bibles and books previously restored by other bookbinding companies. With Artur Bookbinding International, you are choosing the best to handle your family Bible or bound heirloom. We will breathe new life into your treasured family heirlooms and restore them to their former glory.  We are a company that you can trust and our skills are second to none. Our finished products speak for themselves. As a testament the mastery of our craft, Artur Bookbinding has been featured several times in many local, state and national media including; Southern Living Magazine, Oklahoma Today, Dallas Morning News, Discover Oklahoma and many more.

We aim to reach every home worldwide seeking old family heirlooms such as Family Bibles, Study Bibles, Photo Albums, Baby Books, Valuable Books, Antiques, Important Documents, Vellum Documents, Old Photos, Law Books and Keepsake Boxes that need repair by a professional bookbinding service.

Don’t second guess when choosing a bookbinding service to trust with your valued volumes in need of restoration or repair. Choose the best hand bindery and most highly skilled craftsmen for your custom bookbinding needs. Choose Artur Bookbinding International Bible and Book Repair Center.

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Whether your family bible was poorly restored by another bookbinder, or has an old worn cover that looks like some leather glued on cardboard, or even an original spine that is cracked and torn, looking like it has met the end of its life, or maybe your bible just needs a facelift bringing it back to its original luster and shine, we are here to make this possible.
We offer top quality Bookbinding with over 50 years of hand bindery experience.  Our thousands of satisfied customers and we here at Artur Bookbinding believe our bookbinding service is one of the best if not the best in the nation.
When it comes to our clients’ bookbinding needs, we can repair or restore any damaged volume you want to see preserved. We have repaired thousands of books through the years, from rare books dating back to the 1600’s, to more modern childhood favorites.
We have also restored old maps from WW1, old portraits and photos, magazine covers, as well as a large image of Jesus created using the text of the New Testament. Give us a call about your paper keepsakes and memorabilia and see what we can do for you.

Artur Bookbinding International
Bible Repair & Book Restoration

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