Bookbinding is a specialized trade with skill and artistry that has been mastered over centuries.  We pride ourselves on the integrity of our work using methods and techniques that have long been handed down through many generations of bookbinders.

Our company’s founder, Zbigniew Niebieszczanski, also known as Dr. Bible,zbigandson is one such master bookbinder.  After being forced to flee over protesting the communist oppression that was Poland in the early 1980’s, Zbigniew and his family we welcomed to the U.S. By President Reagan as political refugees in 1984.  They came with practically nothing and knew little to no English, yet Zbigniew was able to continue honing his craft as the Head of Restoration at more that one company.  In 1993, the time had come for him to establish himself as a master and helm his own company, Artur Bookbinding International.  Being no stranger to risk, he approached this new adventure as he had all others before: with unflagging determination.  He has committed his life to perfecting his craft while simultaneously living the American Dream and keeping with old world customs by handing down his knowledge and work ethic to his sons, Artur and Norbert Niebieszczanski.

As Masters in our field, we have a deep understanding and appreciation of the written word that has enabled all people from all places to record their histories and tell their stories and to share those with others across time and physical and cultural divides.  With this understanding and appreciation, comes a respect for each individual volume.  No matter the contents, or where the basis of your personal faith lies, we strive for excellence in our work and pride in our finished product.




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