Repair & Restoration

We at Artur Bookbinding International know Family Bibles aren’t the only Bibles deserving of repair and restoration. The Study Bible is an invaluable tool for many and its constant use can easily lead to it being in tatters. We understand that those hand written notes are often times just as meaningful as the Sacred Text that is being studied. If your Bible has been studied to shreds, bring it to Artur Bookbinding International and let us repair it for you. There’s no need to replace that testament to your faith simply because you are a dedicated student!study_bible_repair_image


If your Bible is sewn together, we will re-back it and repair the spine. If it is perfect bound, or glue bound (often results in whole sections of pages falling out), we will cut into the spine and sew it together. We are also able to repair individual pages, add new end sheets, and up to seven ribbon markers. We only use genuine leather and combined with our quality craftsmanship, your newly repaired Study Bible will be more durable than when it was first purchased and is sure to last you decades to come.



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Bible Repair & Book Restoration

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